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Lock Picking Videos
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 25 April 2009
For anyone that is interested in having the videos on the lock picking kiosk at Notacon, we are slowly working on publishing them on Once we get recovered from Notacon in a few weeks we will be able to get those out. Thanks to those that expressed interest in them.
Notacon 6 = awesomeness
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 20 April 2009
It was another successful Notacon, everyone that came by the village area seemed to really enjoy what we had set up. We were located directly in front of the main conference rooms, fortunately we had plenty of space to accomodate the crowds of people streaming in and out. We had the Ark of the Covenant crypto challenge this year along with a large amount of lock picking displays for people to work on. We also demoed the lock picking self-tutorial video kiosk which seemed to get quite a bit of use on Saturday. Deviant from TOOOL ran the Gringo Warrior Challenge again this year which is an awesome game to play. If you ever get the chance to try it out it is highly recommended!

I would also like to address a small issue which came up quite often this weekend. While our name is similar to another group known as TOOOL, we are not members of TOOOL. We are all good friends with TOOOL members and attend a lot of the same conferences they do. We are also not a splinter group from them, we started FOOLS to have our own identity in the lock sport community before we had contact with any other groups. If you enjoyed the lock picking village at Notacon just know that the FOOLS were responsible for this event (with the obvoius exception of Gringo Warrior). We look forward to working with TOOOL and other groups in the future to put on awesome events at other conferences.

Notacon 6 Lock Picking Village
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 14 April 2009
This weekend we will be running the lock picking area at Notacon 6 Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon. We have various contraptions to pick and teaching materials for all to enjoy, we also have our own pick sets for sale along with T-shirts and other paraphernalia. Members of TOOOL will also be hosting the Gringo Warrior challenge in the village.

If you are in the area and want to know more about Notacon be sure to stop by Thursday evening (4/16), admittance will be free in a special preview event. Otherwise stop on by the village this weekend and say hi.
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